congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Gardens, Grounds and Views

The Peace and Spirituality Center is located on the campus of St. Mary-on-the-Lake, the Western home of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. The campus is a nine-acre, lake-front property. It is secluded and wooded with paths through the woods and to Lake Washington where a dock with benches offers views of Mr. Rainier, Mercer Island and fabulous Olympic Mountain sunsets.

Our meditation garden uses water and plants to create a harmonious, peaceful spot for walks or quiet sitting. The lion's head fountain came from the swimming pool of the original house, now buried beneath this garden. The large patio is set with chairs and tables perfect for outside dining.

The peace path is a woodland path that winds through wild rhododendrons and garden flowers to a peace pole.

There are quiet corners with outdoor seating spread all throughout the property. It is a perfect place for reflection and prayer.


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"The prophet does not compel, but asks people to see themselves, the world, and God in a new way."

Dorothy Vidulich, CSJP