congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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We are the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace (CSJP) — an international religious community of vowed women religious and women and men Associates.

Religious life is in the midst of change, moving out of institutions such as schools and hospitals toward ministries attending to today’s signs of the times. In our Congregation Contemplative discernment and our charism of peace through justice compels us to recommit to Jesus’ way of radical hospitality. Thus, we are in process to expand and create new ministries not just “for” but “with” people who have been pushed to the margins.

Quotes from our Constitutions guide us in all we believe and do:


As the biblical tradition has linked the pursuit of justice with the gift of peace, so we believe that the promotion of justice is integral to our mission and spirituality.  (Constitution 14)

Our charism of peace challenges us to prophetic risk so that God's reign might be more fully realized. Confident of God’s faithful love and collaborating with others who work for justice and peace, we face the future with gratitude and hope.  (Constitution 12)

Community life sustains us in ministry. Likewise ministry enlivens and enriches our life in community. Recognizing gospel peace as both gift and task, we believe that prayer is fundamental to our life.  (Constitution 19)

We live in community.  Our presence to one another enables, sustains, and challenges us to be responsive to our mission.  (Constitution 16)


We invite you to learn more about joining our mission of peace through justice as a vowed Sister or through Associate covenant.

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Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace have a reputation for joy.


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"The important thing is that we remain open to God as he reveals himself to us in the circumstances of life and do everything possible to bring the body of his Son to completion."

Catherine O'Connor, CSJP