congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Peace Prayer

May 23, 2017
prepared by Carmel Little, CSJP

Mary is our Model of faith because
she listened, pondered, and contemplated
the word of God in her life, and witnessed to it in action.
Her example calls us to be receptive to God’s word and act upon it.
Her magnificat strengthens our resolve to work for justice. (#35)

       Blessed are you, Mary, for you believed in the faithfulness of God.

Mary is a woman of Spirit.  She entrusted her life to the utterly gracious reality of the
transcendent God ever-present to vivify, renew, and make holy the world.  Whether she was taking
initiative, rejoicing, criticizing, pondering, suffering, or otherwise finding her way through ordinary days,
her loving partnership with Spirit-Sophia inscribes in our history a story of grace.  In this she is sister
to all who respond to the gift of the Spirit in their own lives, in ways seen and unseen.
          Elizabeth A. Johnson, CSJ          Truly our Sister

Litany of Mary of Nazareth 
            (Pax Christi)
Mary, model of courage   Response: Be our Guide
Model of strength
Model of truth
Model of openness

Mary, mother of the liberator…pray for us
Mother of the homeless
Mother of the refugee
Mother of the condemned

Mary, woman of mercy…..empower us
Woman of faith
Woman of wisdom and understanding
Woman of hope

Mary, woman of peace
May we too be pregnant with hope,
trusting that the reign of your son
will one day dawn
and spill its radiance even in the darkest corners of our world.
Teach us to live in unity, shelter us from despair.
Inspire us to act justly,
To revere all that God has made.
Root us ever more firmly In the peace of Jesus.              Amen.

Quiet Reflection

We identify with Mary’s acceptance of the word of God in her life
and aspire to her spirit of openness and wholehearted response.
Because we trust in God’s faithful love
and rely on the support and example of our sisters
and all others who touch our lives,
we are able to commit ourselves by vow to follow Jesus Christ.            (Constitutions #42)

      Blessed are you, O Mary, for you heard the Word of God

Quiet Reflection

Mary, woman of peace,
we entrust our lives to you.
Shelter us from war, hatred and oppression.
Teach us to live in peace, to educate ourselves for peace. 
Inspire us to act justly, 
to love tenderly,
to walk humbly with God and with all creation.
Root peace firmly in our hearts and in our world.












Peace Prayer

"The Spirit sounds herself in so many voices: sometimes Her whisper is persuasive and easy to follow; sometimes Her cry is fiery and threatening. But She must be listened to."

Dorothy Vidulich, CSJP