congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Peace Prayer

February 21, 2017
prepared by Carmel Little, CSJP


Constitutions:    In accord with our tradition we commit ourselves to promote peace  in family life, in the church, and in society. We strive to respect the dignity of all persons,  and to confront oppressive situations. We respond to God’s people in need and promote social justice as a way to peace. #11

   Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures. And however undramatic the pursuit of peace, that pursuit must go on.  John F. Kennedy

    Come Spirit of wisdom and love, Source of all good, teach us your truth and guide our actions in your way of peace.  Amen 
                Pax Christi USA As printed in Good News from the Missions Office         

Quiet Reflection

Is It True?
  By Usama Abu Kabir
Is it true that the grass grows again after rain?
Is it true that the flowers will rise up in the spring?
Is it true that birds will migrate home again?
Is it true that the salmon swim back up their stream?

It is true.  This is true.  These are all miracles.
But is it true that one day we’ll leave Guantanamo Bay?
Is it true that one day we’ll go back to our homes?
I sail in my dreams, I am dreaming of home.

To be with my children, each one part of me;
To be with my wife, and the ones that I love;
To be with my parents my world’s tenderest hearts.
I dream to be home, to be free from this cage.

But do you hear me, O Judge, Do you hear me at all?
We are innocent, here, we’ve committed no crime.
Set me free, set us free, if anywhere still.
May justice, compassion remain in this world. 
                As printed in the Catholic Worker (Jan/Feb 07)

Lord Jesus, when you multiplied the loaves and fishes, you provided more than food for the body, you offered us the gift of yourself, the gift which satisfies every hunger and quenches every thirst! Your disciples were filled with fear and doubt, but you poured out your love and compassion on the migrant crowd, welcoming them as brothers and sisters. Lord Jesus, today you call us to welcome the members of God's family who come to our land to escape oppression, poverty, persecution, violence, and war. Like your disciples, we too are filled with fear and doubt and even suspicion. We build barriers in our hearts and in our minds.

Lord Jesus, help us by your grace,
-- To banish fear from our hearts, that we may embrace each of your children as our own brother and sister;
-- To welcome migrants and refugees with joy and generosity, while responding to their many needs;
-- To realize that you call all people to your holy mountain to learn the ways of peace and justice;
-- To share of our abundance as you spread a banquet before us;
-- To give witness to your love for all people, as we celebrate the many gifts they bring.

We praise you and give you thanks for the family you have called together from so many people. We see in this human family a reflection of the divine unity of the one Most Holy Trinity in whom we make our prayer: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.              United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Quiet Reflection

Compassionate God, you reveal that those who work for peace will be called your children.  Help us to work without ceasing for that justice which reverences the dignity of the human person and which brings true and lasting peace. We pray this in Jesus’ name.  Amen














Peace Prayer

"The important thing is that we remain open to God as he reveals himself to us in the circumstances of life and do everything possible to bring the body of his Son to completion."

Catherine O'Connor, CSJP