congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Peace Prayer

April 25, 2017

prepared by Carmel Little, CSJP

We pray in gratitude for our planet Earth
and pray for our continued commitment to the care of creation.

Constitutions: In accord with our tradition we commit ourselves to promote peace in family life, in the church, and in society.  We strive to respect the dignity of all persons and to value the gifts of creation.   #11

Earth is a revelation of God and the sustainer of all life.  We recognize that the exploitation and destruction of Earth’s air, water, soil and species is a sacrilege.  We are committed to a spirituality of peacemaking, which compels us to live in right relationship with the entire community of life.  In this way “we engage in the struggle against the reality of evil and continue the work of establishing God’s reign of justice and peace.
(Acts of the 21st General Chapter)

Prayer:      Gracious God,

      For the marvelous grace of your Creation,
            we pour out our thanks to You, our God – 
            for sun and moon and stars,
            for rain and dew and winds 
            for winter cold and summer heat.

      We pour forth our praise to You
            for mountains and hills, 
            for springs and valleys, 
            for rivers and seas.

      We praise you, O God,
            for plants growing in earth and water, 
            for life inhabiting lakes and seas,
            for life creeping in soils and land,
            for creatures living in wetlands and waters,
            for life flying above earth and sea,
            for beasts dwelling in woods and fields.

      We promise to reverence Your Creation as a precious gift
            entrusted to us by You, our God. 
      We promise to reverence Your Creation as a precious gift
            entrusted to us by You, our God.

      May we increasingly come to love your Creation
            as we increasingly come to love You.  Amen 
                                                  North American Conference on Christianity and Ecology
                                                  Adapted – source Earth Prayers Quiet Reflection

Reading:      Earth, Our Home 

Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe. Earth, our home, is alive with a unique community of life. The forces of nature make existence a demanding and uncertain adventure, but Earth has provided the conditions essential to life's evolution. The resilience of the community of life and the well-being of humanity depend upon preserving a healthy biosphere with all its ecological systems, a rich variety of plants and animals, fertile soils, pure waters, and clean air. The global environment with its finite resources is a common concern of all peoples. The protection of Earth's vitality, diversity, and beauty is a sacred trust. 
                                                  (The Earth Charter)

Prayer:      Peace to Our Earth Prayer
      Peace to this earth, this gift of creation,
      Which we celebrate with joy and with reverence.
      In the spirit of the first Francis, may we take time to see
      The radiance of creation, this gift of light and liquid 
      And green growth.

Quiet Reflection

Peace to Our Earth Prayer

      Peace to this earth;
      May we practice nonviolence toward our lakes, rivers and seas.
      May we renew the living waters teeming with life, small and large.
      May clean waters quench our deep thirst.

      Peace to this earth;
      May we practice nonviolence toward the land, the very ground of life;
      May we restore the soil so its richness can give us plentiful food.
      May we all be nourished by the fruits of the earth.

      Peace to this earth;
      May we practice nonviolence toward air, sky, clouds.
      May we respect these gifts so we can breathe freely in gentle rain.
      May the natural world be a safe home for all.

      Peace to this earth,
      We pray with our pope,
      Peace to creation,
      which we celebrate with joy and reverence,
      Knowing we hold a fragile world in our hands.
                                    By Jane Deren l Copyright © 2013,
                                                  Center From Care of Creation and Climate Change Core Group

Strengthened by the power of the Risen Christ
we go forth in peace to continue the work of love and service. (Constitutions # 33)









Peace Prayer

"We must be signs of hope and healing in the midst of the cultural reality in which we find ourselves."

Ann Rutan, CSJP