congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Peace Prayer


November 8, 2016

prepared by Carmel Little, CSJP

Election Day in the United States


          Recalling Jesus’ identification with the prophetic tradition,
          we develop a critical, sensitive conscience regarding

          religious, social, cultural, economic, and political realities,
          and we direct our efforts to actions which bring peace through justice. (#23)
          Loving and gracious God, we remember that your plan for us is fullness of life,
          lived with love, justice and mercy.  Be with us and our whole nation this day as
          we elect our political leaders at all levels of government.  Help us keep the
          Common Good before us.  Strengthen our gifts of wisdom, courage and respect
          for the views of others.  Deepen in us the willingness to act in solidarity with
          people who are economically poor, with people immigrating to our country,
          and with women seeking fullness of life in society.  Help us to support one another
          in exercising our precious responsibilities as citizens of this country.  After the elections,
          strengthen us to continue to work with our leaders, seeking an ever more just society
          that acts in harmony and interdependence with all creation.
          We ask this in the name of Jesus.   Amen.                     (Sisters of Mercy – adapted)
Quiet reflection
          For Catholics, public virtue is as important as private virtue in building the common good.
          In the Catholic tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue; participation in the political
          process is a moral obligation.  Every believer is called to faithful citizenship, to become
          an informed, active and responsible participant in the political process.  Every voice
          matters in the public forum.  Every vote counts.  Every act of responsible
          citizenship is an exercise of significant power.             (Call to Faithful Citizenship USCCB)
A Litany for Peace
O God of peace: we pray for all people on earth, and for the leaders of every nation;
that they may strive for justice, kindness and peace.
          We pray for the Church in the world that she will be a sign of God’s
          mercy and compassion;
                    Give peace in our time, O God                 
          We pray for the United Nations that their efforts will bring about
          understanding, justice and peace; 
                    Give peace in our time, O God 
          For all people in public office that they will be guided by wisdom
          and seek the common good;
                    Give peace in our time, O God             
          For citizens of our nation that they will use their individual power
          through their vote to help bring about the common good;
                    Give peace in our time, O God                                                  

          For worldwide agencies of compassion, which tend the sick and
          wounded and feed the hungry;
                    Give peace in our time, O God            

          For all who in any way work to further the cause of peace and goodwill;
                    Give peace in our time, O God
          For all people in every land who long to live in peace;
                    Give peace in our time, O God 
Gracious God: May our lives and our world be re-awakened by the power of your grace.
Guide by your wisdom and justice in the choices we make this day.  Hurry the day when
all people shall live together in your love and your dream for the world becomes a reality.
In Jesus’ name we pray.    Amen.

"The prophet does not compel, but asks people to see themselves, the world, and God in a new way."

Dorothy Vidulich, CSJP