congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Spirituality of Peace

Religious Life in its essence is a loving response to the mysterious divine initiative of an overwhelmingly compassionate God.  Our hunger and longing for union with the Holy dwells deep in our hearts, calling us over and over again to respond. The Christian life is about giving oneself for others in the way of the self-emptying Jesus. Because of Jesus, we are drawn out of ourselves in union with the joys, sorrow and suffering of the whole human family.

Christ is our peace,
the source of our power.
United with him
we engage in the struggle
against the reality of evil
and continue the work
 establishing God’s reign
of justice and Peace.
Constitution 2


What is unique about the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and our Associates is our spirituality –a gospel spirituality—pursuing justice, we seek God’s gift of peace. 

Recognizing gospel peace as both gift and task,
we believe that prayer is fundamental to our life.
Our intimacy with God
unifies our prayer and activity
so that we are moved to action by prayer
while action urges us to pray.
In unity with the church
and with all creation
we give praise and thanks to the Giver
of all gifts.
We open ourselves to the liberating
ower of God
hose Spirit leads us to peace.
Constitution 28


Contemplative engagement invites us to experience God as relational and in that realization we recognize the mutuality of all relationships: with all of creation, with all living beings and with our common home, Earth itself. Everything is connected. This worldview shapes our prayer, our actions and our spirituality.

The spirituality of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace is grounded in the conviction that we are guided by the Holy Spirit.  We are called to pursue peace through justice at this time in history.    As the Spirit hovered over the chaotic waters in the Book of Genesis, so we believe that the Spirit presses on and compels us into the future. We acknowledge that the inspiration and motivating energy behind our mission and works is Love.

Through prayer and contemplation, the Spirit urges us to read and discern the signs of our times revealing how to enflesh our mission and charism.   Mother Francis Clare, our founder, was deeply moved to action by the sufferings of the poor and oppressed people of her time. Likewise, today, disturbed by the Spirit, we are moved to act to address the critical realities of our times.  Constitution 4

We are strengthened by Mary and Joseph.  Mary is our model of faith as we embrace this journey, because she too pondered and struggled to make sense of God’s invitation and in her fiat, she witnessed to the mysterious ways of God.  Joseph, our patron is a model of peace.  His courage to live a life of faith inspires us to trust in God’s abiding love, especially in times of struggle and uncertainty.  Constitution 35, 36

We invite you to deepen your spirituality of peace with us:


"You will hope if God blesses your work to sow the seeds of peace in modern society."

Bishop Bagshawe