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WATERSPIRIT and New Life on a New Shore

The historic Rumson Presbyterian Church which now is home to our WATERSPIRIT offices was the site of an open house on January 21 celebrating WATERSPIRIT’s “New Life on a New Shore”! Attended by Church members, CSJP’s, WATERSPIRIT Staff, and friends of WATERSPIRIT, the program included options for Sunday worship, WATERSPIRIT educational presentation, blessing of the spaces, and a guided tour.

The day closed with a tour of the spaces which included a blessing for each of the rooms used by the WATERSPIRIT staff:

  • Bless these four walls and all who work within this room. May they be empowered with love and compassion, may they always be a sign of the presence of the holy moving through life and nurturing all beings.

  • Bless this doorway. May all who come through it be treated with respect and kindness. May all of our comings and goings be under the care of our Creator.
  • Bless this common space where we meet to share ideas, meals, details, and dreams. May all our gatherings be blessed with the presence of the divine that inspires us in creative and loving action.
  • Bless this gathering space where we offer our programs on ecology and spirituality. May our education, reflection, actions and celebration deepen our appreciation of water and its place in the community of life. May our collaborative endeavors increase understanding of water issues, and empower people to participate in the protection and preservation of water.
  • May you, Creator Spirit, lovingly care for all who meet, gather, celebrate, and pray here. May we love and respect one another by protecting water and all life that depends on water for life.

Pastor John Monroe, his wife, Roseanne, and congregation could not have been more warm and welcoming! It was obvious after having a conversation with those present from the Rumson congregation that they and WATERSPIRIT are kindred spirits! We were able to see for ourselves why Suzanne Golas, CSJP and her staff are so happy in Rumson and anxious to share their new home with us.


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WATERSPIRIT and New Life on a New Shore

"Life and prayer are intertwined, because the natural thing to do is to talk to God, to pray. Nothing is compartmentalized. "

Margaret Dove, CSJP