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Associate Covenanting in the Western Region


It is always a joyous occasion to join in celebration with our Associates, Sisters and friends in witness to those members renewing and those making lasting covenant. On May 6, 2017, we gathered at St. Mary-on-the-Lake to celebrate this wonderful and special day.  As we entered in song led by Annie Welch, CSJP-A accompanied on the piano by Sister Huong Nguyen, LHC, prayers, blessings, reflections, and a very moving testimony by Faridah Abdullah, CSJP-S.  Sister Susan Dewitt, Community Life Minister who represented the Congregation Leadership Team, gave a warm welcome and shared her thoughts of deep gratitude and joy of our Associates.

This year, Denis and Nancy Barrett-Dennehy and Faridah Abdullah made Lasting Covenants.  Susan Doederlein, Denny Duffel and Elizabeth Hansen renewed for three years. Jennifer Cowan, Kathy and Max Lewis, Ken Otto and Laura Trettevik, Mary Pat Boots, Lloyd and Sharon Lowe renewed for five years.

As stated in our Constitution Directives “Associates of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace are persons who live our spirit and mission in their different ways of life. Our Constitutions reads: “As we live our mission of peace, we continue to be enriched by the hope shared among us and brought to us by new members and by the lives of those who walk and work with us.D78

It is clearly a witness to the CSJP community that peace through justice is truly present and an important way of life in our Associates as they commit to carry out and spread our charism in their workplace, their homes, and families and in our world.  It is also very evident of the Associates’ understanding as they try to live out the charism of peace through justice by contribution and commitment whenever possible by joining the CSJP community and participating in Congregation Small Groups, presence at Chapters, Assemblies, and involvement in the life and actions of our Community.

Our Covenanting in the chapel was complete by a very special reception at the Peace and Spirituality Center that was beautifully decorated by Jane Kortz and company.  There was lots of good food prepared by our very own kitchen staff. It was a joyous occasion indeed as some Associates continued to share their stories of what it means for them to be an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace and why they continue to be in relationship with this Community.

Always in gratitude for this blessing,

Sister Amalia Camacho, CSJP and Sue Nies, CSJP-A

Associate Covenanting in the Western Region

"If our role as messengers of God’s good news means anything to us, the chorus of people begging for peace will touch a special place in our hearts. "

Patricia Lynch, CSJP