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Jubilees in the Eastern Region


It was April 29 and Jubilee Day for the Eastern region of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace! This day was an extremely different but, at the same time, usual day for the six 2017 Jubilarians!

For the first time since 1938, the liturgy did not take place at St, Michael Villa chapel and the group picture was not snapped as the Jubilarians stood on the front steps of St. Michael’s or in the main parlor. Due to the fire which occurred in the fall of 2016, the building is no longer in use and St. Anastasia’s Parish located in nearby Teaneck, NJ graciously offered their beautiful church to us for the second time.

As usual, our Jubilarians, their friends and family, as well as the Associates and Sisters, took everything in stride and celebrated with the typical sense of joy and gratitude which always permeates Jubilee Day.

Our homilist, Sister Doris Mical, CSJP invited us “to recognize God’s presence throughout the lived experiences of six women whose lives and deep love for God and for others are a testimony to divine inspiration, grace, and faithfulness.”

Rebecca Tayag, a Sister of Notre Dame, touched our spirits during the offertory procession when she danced the altar cloths and gifts up to We Come To Your Feast by Michael Joncas.

Our Jubilarians have ministered in various locations and capacities: Sr. Ita Duffy (80 years); Sisters Nora Molyneux (not present) and Helen Paul Starr (70 years); Sisters Eithne Brady, Gail DeMaria, and Cabrini Delaney (60 years)! Together, we joyfully celebrate with our Jubilarians with gratitude for the gifts these sisters have shared with us and those with and to whom they ministered for a total of 400 years!


View a video of the Offertory ritual



A special thanks to Peter Pieroni for the photos!*


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Jubilees in the Eastern Region

"The Spirit sounds herself in so many voices: sometimes Her whisper is persuasive and easy to follow; sometimes Her cry is fiery and threatening. But She must be listened to."

Dorothy Vidulich, CSJP