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Critical Needs in Haiti - Hurricane Matthew

October 8, 2016

The news out of Haiti in recent days after Hurricane Matthew is dire. We are happy to report that Hôpital Sacré-Coeur (managed by the CRUDEM foundation, under the umbrella of Holy Name Medical Center, a CSJP sponsored ministry) was not damaged and is mobilizing to address the critical needs of the Haitian people.

From the CRUDEM Website:

"Hôpital Sacré-Coeur in Milot mercifully survived in fine form, well positioned to be a blessing to the region and nation as it plunges in to provide the medical and other care needed to a beleaguered populous.

At Holy Name Medical Center headquarters, 1,500 miles to the north in Teaneck, New Jersey, medical supplies, food and personal care items are being purchased, thanks to the generosity of compassionate donors like YOU, and loaded into a 40-foot container to be rushed to Milot so stocks can be quickly replenished and food and other essential items can be distributed to hurricane victims. In the weeks and months ahead, more containers of life-saving supplies will be shipped out…provided more donations arrive in time.

The critical need right now is for cash. We cannot emphasize enough, the practical power of potable cash that can be used immediately and applied most effectively to meet the fast changing needs of a disaster situation."

Sisters Ann Crawley and Maureen Boggins live and minister in Milot, Haiti.  From Sister Ann:

"Thanks for prayers at this time of great difficult and terrible suffering for our poor of Haiti. ... I have spent the past week distributing food packs, rice, beans, bread, Mamba, canned vegetables, dry milk and soup to our local orphans, frail elderly and blind who are cold and without food and water.  Jackie, Danilo and Fritznel  our builder have helped with delivering the food packs up the mountain and all over the area. Needless to say our food stocks are at rock bottom BUT God is good and Mike Maron (Holy Name Medical Center President and CEO) is working on getting us some rice, beans, tins of veg, fish, soup etc so that will be a great help. He is doing a fundraiser to help us feed the poor."

Read more about their efforts and how you can help on the CRUDEM website.


Critical Needs in Haiti - Hurricane Matthew

Sister Ann with children in Milot, Haiti

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Sheila Lemieux, CSJP