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Women and Families

"Because our founder showed particular concerns for justice toward women, we commit ourselves to be involved in ministries and action which affect the contemporary situation of women in the church and in society." (Constitution 22)

Continuing in that spirit, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace sponsor and support these ministries to women and families:

Mercy Housing Northwest

Mercy Housing Northwest, a regional affiliate of Mercy Housing, which offers over 2,400 units of affordable housing and services in the Pacific Northwest, providing 5,500 economically poor children and families a place to call home. The Congregation also sponsors Mercy Housing, one of the nation's largest affordable housing organizations with a variety of housing projects in 41 states for low-income families, seniors, and people with special needs.

Jubilee Women's Center

Jubilee Women's Center in Seattle was founded in 1983 by three Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace. Jubilee provides safe, affordable, and supportive community housing and educational resources to empower homeless and low-income women to become financially independent, regardless of her circumstances.

York Street Project 

York Street Project operates at 81-89 York Street in Jersey City on a site which has a great deal of history. Since 1885, many ministries were located there. These include as a home for orphaned children, a methadone treatment center, offices and printing presses for the Orphan's Messenger, and the Center for Human Development (an association of families, sisters, priests, and college volunteers who worked together to meet the social and economic needs of the people in downtown Jersey City). Today, the York Street Project consists of four interrelated and coordinated – yet separate – programs.

Kenmare High School 

Kenmare is an accredited alternative high school providing women aged 17+ who dropped out of the public or private school system with an education as well as practical training in job skills.

The Nurturing Place 

The Nurturing Place is licensed child development center for homeless and low-income children aged four months to six years. The Nurturing Place provides children, many of whom reside in St. Joseph's Home, with an educational and supportive environment while their mothers are at work or school.

St. Joseph's Home

St. Joseph's provides a safe and structured environment for single mothers and their children that guides and supports them as they transition to new independent lives.

St. Mary's Residence 

St. Mary's was founded in 1902 and re-dedicated in 1991. It offers safe, affordable housing annually for over 53 single working women 18 years of age and older with limited incomes.

Women at the Table 

Women at the Table is an association of persons dedicated to achieving peace through justice by the inclusion of women as full participants in decision making, and rediscovering the legacy of Mother Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack) and restoring her just dignity as a woman ahead of her time.

Women and Families

"We are consciously choosing to shape the future rather than allowing the future to shape us."

Sheila Lemieux, CSJP