congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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We value the ministry of presence as an important dimension of the gospel of peace. In the hope of continuing our tradition of gracious hospitality, we welcome others to our communities and also try to be present to people in their own situations." (Constitution 18)

Recognizing gospel peace as both gift and task, we believe that prayer is fundamental to our life. (Constitution 28)

We recognize that all people need and deserve the time to experience peace and growth in their spiritual lives.

Sisters and associates throughout the Congregation minister directly as spiritual directors and in pastoral care in a variety of settings. Other sisters are engaged in full time prayer ministry. Please visit the prayer request section of our website to share your intentions.

The Congregation sponsors the Peace and Spirituality Center, located on the grounds of our western regional center in Bellevue, Washington.

We also invite you to pray our weekly peace prayer with us, which is posted each Tuesday on our website.


"So Christ is our model and in order to imitate Him we have to do strange things – things that seem almost inexplicable, but at the last days, when our work is taken off the loom of life, we shall see the beauty that comes into our soul by this work."

Mother Evangelista (Honoria Gaffney)