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In the beginning, when Margaret Anna Cusack, Mother Clare, founded the community in 1884, we were St. Joseph's Sisters of Peace of the Immaculate Conception. Peace was the central concept in that string of names, as our 1884 Rule and Constitutions made clear: "The object of this Institute is, as its name implies, to promote the peace of the Church both by word and work. The very name Sisters of…

October 05, 2016

Prayer for Our Common Home

Prayer for Our Common Home

Our vocation team has created a new prayer card featuring a prayer for our common home by Pope Francis. We invite you to join us as we pray for God’s creation.

A Grateful Goodbye - Sister Sheena

Sister Sheena George spent three weeks this summer engaged in a ministry of presence with refugees living in a camp in Calais, France known as "the Jungle." In this post she reflects with gratitude on her time in Calais.

Compassion & Human Dignity - by Sister Sheena

Sister Sheena George spent part of her summer vacation engaged in a ministry of presence with refugees living in the "Jungle," a refugee camp in Calais, France. Here she shares some of her reflections on the experience. "I have been in Calais for about two weeks now. My time with Br. Johanna and his friends as well as my contact with refugees here have made me acutely aware of their daily struggles. It is heartbreaking to see their pain and distress, and I know I will never completely understand their grief."

Beacons of Blessings - by Sister Noreen Twomey

A Jubilee reflection - 5-6 decades ago, the spark of God’s call was sensed & responded to by five young women, today’s jubilarians, who dared to take a leap of faith, who traveled from far and near to test the call offered to them and countless others: “Come & See.


At 91, Sister Louise DuMont is, as she always has been, quiet, peaceful, unassuming and reflective. She is also, as she has always been, a woman of wisdom and deep insight. Louise doesn’t speak often in meetings, but when she does speak everyone quiets down to listen.


Sister Bridgetta shares about her experiencing joining other volunteers who “meet and greet” asylum seekers who come to sign on at the Loughborough Immigration Enforcement Centre.

"You will hope if God blesses your work to sow the seeds of peace in modern society."

Bishop Bagshawe