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A Season of Hope – by Sister Margaret Byrne, CSJP


As Advent comes to a close and we await the joy of Christmas, we share this reflection from Sister Margaret Byrne, CSJP:

Advent is above all a season of hope.  I cannot but feel it’s the time to hope against the odds – against violence and killing; against hunger in our cities;  against despair in the face of so much that seems irreparable.  We need hope, all humanity needs hope – and for us Christians hope is at hand.  But hope is not something easy or cheap; we have to open ourselves to hope, beg for the faith to believe that the mountains will be lowered, the rough ways made smooth, the darkness vanquished…  Hope for Humanity will not come magically; it will be effected through our work, our prayer, even our outlook and attitude.

And speaking of attitude reminds me again of Pope Francis’ call that we be people of joy, people who can rejoice in the face of every trial because our hope is secure.  So I wish you a hope-filled Advent.  And may the Christmas bells resound with the joy that fills your heart.

A Season of Hope – by Sister Margaret Byrne, CSJP

"Life and prayer are intertwined, because the natural thing to do is to talk to God, to pray. Nothing is compartmentalized. "

Margaret Dove, CSJP