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Meditations for Advent - 1st Sunday


Mother Francis Clare, the founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, was a prolific writer in her day. Writing as M.F. Cusack, by 1870 more than 200,000 copies of her works had circulated throughout the world. In 1866 she published Meditations for Advent and Easter. During this Advent Season, we will share some selections from this work here on the CSJP Vocations blog. While Mother Francis Clare used the language and imagery of her day, her message and invitation to spend special time in prayer during Advent is in many ways timeless.

Meditation for the 1st Sunday of Advent

Let us go to Mary. Let us devote our Advent to Mary. Let us consecrate every thought, word, and action to Mary during this Holy season; and then, on the blessed Christmas morning, she will place her Infant in our arms; nay, rather, she will lay Him down to rest in our hearts.

Advent should be a time of special devotion to Mary.

Meditations for Advent - 1st Sunday

"The Spirit sounds herself in so many voices: sometimes Her whisper is persuasive and easy to follow; sometimes Her cry is fiery and threatening. But She must be listened to."

Dorothy Vidulich, CSJP