congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Meet Some of our Sisters

As we live our mission of peace,
we continue to be enriched
by the hope shared among us
and brought to us by new members
and by the lives of those who walk
and work with us.
(Constitution 78)

We invite you to learn more about some of our recently professed sisters:


Sister Chero Chuma, CSJP

Sister Chero, originally from the Rift Valley of Kenya, first met the community while studying in Seattle. She professed final vows in 2012 and recently received degrees in nursing and theology from Seattle University. Read her reflection on her ministry as a Registered Nurse.


Sister Dorothy Verna, CSJP

Sister Dorothy met the community in her home state of New Jersey in the United States. She professed final vows in 2014. Sister Dorothy is a geriatric nurse practitioner and a massage therapist and recently received a Masters of Pastoral Studies from Seattle University. Read about her present ministries in health care and pastoral care.


Sister Katrina Alton, CSJP

Sister Katrina is originally from Belfast in the north of Ireland. She professed first vows in 2014. Sister Katrina currently lives in Scotland where she is completing her training as a psychodynamic counsellor. As a peace activist, Katrina's main focus is on the arms trade and nuclear disarmament. Read her reflection on the call to religious life today.


Sister Sheena George, CSJP

Sister Sheena is originally from Kerala, India. She professed first vows as a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace in 2014. Presently Sister Sheena lives in New Jersey and is studying theology and psychology at Fordham University. Read her reflection about the time she spent with our Sisters in Haiti following her profession.


Sister Sukyi Hur, CSJP

Sister Sukyi is originally from Pusan, North Korea. She professed final vows in 2013. Sister Sukyi ministers as an acupuncturist and with the local Korean Catholic community in the Seattle area. Read her reflection on her healing ministry.


Sister Susan Francois, CSJP

Sister Susan was born in Washington, D.C. and met the community while working for the City government in Portland, Oregon. Sister Susan professed final vows in 2011. She was elected to our Congregation Leadership Team in 2014. Read Sister Susan's reflections on her personal blog and her monthly column on the Global Sisters Report. 


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"We are consciously choosing to shape the future rather than allowing the future to shape us."

Sheila Lemieux, CSJP