congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Contact our Vocation Team

The first stage of the journey of vocation discernment is getting to know the CSJP community. Our Congregation Vocation Director and regional Vocation Team Members are ready to assist you in your discernment process. We are available to answer questions, arrange a visit, or send you more information.

Use the contact form below to get in touch with us. You may also contact us by telephone at the numbers listed below.

Blessings of Peace on your Discernment Journey!

  Sister Susan Francois, CSJP 
Congregation Vocation Director 
Telephone: 201-608-5401 
  Sister Antoinette Moore, CSJP 
Eastern USA Vocation Contact 
Telephone: 201-220-7208
  Sister Jo-Anne Miller, CSJP
Western USA Vocation Contact 
Telephone: 425-467-5402 
  Sister Maureen Brennan, CSJP 
United Kingdom Vocation Contact 
Telephone: 0115 978-5816

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"We are consciously choosing to shape the future rather than allowing the future to shape us."

Sheila Lemieux, CSJP