congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Is God calling you to be the next ...

... Joyful Sister of St. Joseph of Peace?


We Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace believe Religious Life in its essence is a loving response to the mysterious divine initiative of an overwhelmingly compassionate God. Hunger and longing for union with the Holy dwells deep in our hearts, calling us over and over again to respond. The Christian life is about giving oneself for others in the way of the self-emptying Jesus. Because of Him, we are drawn out of ourselves into union with the joys, the sorrow and suffering of the whole human family. Our particular call, guided by the Holy Spirit, is to pursue peace through justice at this time in history.

If you share a deep hunger and longing for the Holy and want to learn more about our Congregation how would you respond to the questions below?


  1. Do you meet our basic eligibility requirements?

    • are a single Catholic women
    • have college or work experience
    • are 21 to 45 years of age
    • are a US or UK citizen or permanent resident?

  2. Could you resonate with our call to minister with people pushed to the margins?
    Religious life today is in the midst of change, moving out of institutions such as schools and hospitals and toward ministries that attend to today’s signs of the times. Our Congregation is doing the same. Contemplative discernment and our charism of peace through justice has compelled us to recommit to Jesus’ way of radical hospitality. Thus, we are in process to expand and create new ministries not just “for” but “with” people who have been pushed to the margins. Today we seek new members with the same attributes our Founder was seeking in 1887, “brave, noble, large-minded, and courageous souls”. Called to carry on the mission of Jesus, we practice hospitality, nonviolence and care for creation. Prayer is fundamental to our life. Our presence to one another in community enables, sustains, and challenges us to be responsive to our mission.

  3. Could you live and minister in one of our regions?
    Our Congregation’s sisters and associates live and minister in three widely separated regions: The Pacific Northwest (primarily Washington State), New Jersey and England. If you were to become a CSJP you would most likely live and minister in one of these regions as well as become familiar with each area.


If you can say “yes” to the three questions above and like what you learn on the rest of this page, submit a response to our form and our Congregation Director of Vocations will be happy to contact you.


Additional Information to help you respond

I hope you have found the information above helpful. If you respond to the three questions and submit them to me I will look forward to contacting you. If you are unsure of your answers and would like more information, send me an email and tell me more about yourself, how God is calling you and what you are looking for in your pursuit of religious life.

Blessings of Peace,

Sister Coralie Muzzy, CSJP
Congregation Vocation Director


"It is most important to inspire the young with a great love of peace."

Mother Francis Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack)