congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Associate Covenant

"We create a community of warmth and trust by listening and sharing, by support, celebration and prayer." (Constitution 17)

Associates of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace are people who live our spirit and mission in their different ways of life. Associates commit to an ongoing mutual relationship with CSJP Sisters and their charism of peace through justice by promoting peace in family life, in the Church, and in society. They "strive to respect the dignity of all persons, to value the gifts of creation and to confront oppressive situations" and to "promote social justice as a way to peace." (from Constitution 11)

A Diverse Community

Among our Associates are people from all walks of life and from a variety of faith traditions."

Living the Mission with CSJPs

Associates are involved with most of the activities of the CSJP Community they: they join Congregation Small Groups, participate in Assemblies, and share in the prayer, spiritual and social celebrations of the Community. Some serve in Congregational sponsored ministries and/or on sponsored Ministry Boards.

The Associate Calling

Association is open to people who hold gospel values as the compelling force in their lives. Associates are called to intimacy with God through prayer, to expressing the gospel call in their lives and to responding to the charism of peace through justice in the spirit of the Constitutions of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.

Responsibilities of Association

  • Commitment to a life of prayer
  • Commitment to promote the charism of peace through justice in daily life
  • Commitment to participate in appropriate ways in the life, spirit and mission of the Congregation
  • Commitment to ongoing mutual relationship

Benefits of Association

  • Opportunities to deepen one's faith/spirituality
  • Opportunities to collaborate in the charism of peace through justice
  • Support in the effort of promoting social justice issues in one's daily life
  • Invitations to participate in various aspects of the life of the Congregation
  • Receive regular communications from the Congregation

We invite you to learn more about becoming an Associate member!

Download a brochure about Associate Covenant

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"If our role as messengers of God’s good news means anything to us, the chorus of people begging for peace will touch a special place in our hearts. "

Patricia Lynch, CSJP