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Teresa Mary Haigh, CSJP-A (1932 - 2017)

Tess Haigh loved her big family (she was the third of sixteen Haigh children), her friends, and her lifelong Catholic faith, offering others gifts of her generosity, humility and joy.

Tess spent most of her life in Seattle; she graduated from Immaculate Conception High School in 1950 and worked for the City of Seattle Water Department for 17 years until she left to finish her education. She graduated from Seattle University in 1969 and went to work for the King County Assessor’s Office. After a long and successful career, she retired in 1997.

During those working years, she also helped her mother and father complete their lives in the family home; befriended her brothers and sisters and innumerable nieces and nephews; and became a touchstone for the entire family.

Tess had always been close to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace through her sister, Helen Haigh, CSJP. She became an Associate in 2002 and loved participating in community meetings and events.

Retirement gave Tess time to do the work she loved best, serving and helping others. For many years she and Sister Helen went to Jubilee Women’s Center regularly to sort clothing donations and arrange them in the “boutique” where Jubilee residents could happily shop for outfits. She served as a Eucharistic Visitor to the sick and homebound in Seattle for many years.

Tess moved to Olympia in 2011 and brought that same spirit of loving service to her new community. She became a Eucharistic Visitor there and served meals at The Community Kitchen.

Family, Sisters and Associates gathered to remember Tess Haigh in a Funeral Mass at Assumption Church, Seattle, on July 7th, 2017. The family asked that remembrances in memory of Tess be sent to Jubilee Women’s Center, 620 18th Avenue E, Seattle, WA 98112.

Teresa Mary Haigh, CSJP-A (1932 - 2017)

"If our role as messengers of God’s good news means anything to us, the chorus of people begging for peace will touch a special place in our hearts. "

Patricia Lynch, CSJP