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Janet Margaret Gorick, CSJP-A (1930 - 2017)

Janet was an only child who was raised in Liverpool and held the city in great affection. On leaving school she gained a place at the University of Reading. It was here that she met David at a Student Christian Movement meeting. David remembers being fascinated by her from the beginning. She was always ready to question ideas before reaching her own conclusions. Janet and David married in 1958. They settled in West Bridgford when David was appointed to the Grammar School. Janet loved family life and nurturing the children – Jo, Martin and John. The family were regular worshippers at St Giles, West Bridgford and became active members of the church family. For some time Janet ran a mother and toddler group and led small groups.

Janet felt a call to ordained ministry (David was ordained in 1984) and studied on the East Midlands Training Course and was ordained deacon in 1987. She longed for the day when women could be ordained priest and it was a great joy to her when she was priested in 1994. When David was appointed Priest-in-Charge at Gotham, it was very much a shared ministry. Visitors were always welcomed warmly at the Vicarage and Janet was very much part of village life. On their retirement in 1999, they settled in East Leake, close to Gotham, and soon became active members of St Mary’s as well as joining in village events. Janet’s faith was lived out in her everyday life. She was a person of generous hospitality. She loved people and could see good in everyone. She was much in demand as a spiritual director; her quiet manner, wisdom and insight were valued by many over the years. Janet believed that we could all learn from each other and was a committed home group member. For many years she attended U3A meetings.

Janet was a committed associate of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace and lived by the charism of peace through justice. She was one of several Anglicans associates and brought her deep spirituality to the group. She was a regular attendee of associate days and led an Advent quiet morning a couple of years ago. It was a joyful day for her when she made her lasting covenant.

At the heart of Janet’s faith was the Eucharist; when she became too frail to attend church it was important to her to receive communion at home with a small group of friends. It energised her when life was going well and sustained her in her difficult last weeks. Janet was one of those people whose smile lit up a room. She delighted in the small things of life and any kindnesses shown to her. She adored her family and was proud of their achievements and they adored her, too.

Janet’s health had been in decline for the past five years, but she remained determined to live life to the full. She maintained a busy social life until a few weeks before her death. Her last outing was in early December, when Jo, Martin and John and several grandchildren came and took her and David for a meal at the Three Horseshoes. It was a great effort for Janet, but if it meant spending time with those she loved she willingly made the effort. Janet died peacefully at 11:00pm on Christmas Eve, with David at her side and two of her children present. As she died the Church bells started to ring for the midnight communion service, which seemed very fitting.

Her funeral at East Leake was attended by over 260 people. In Janet we have lost a faithful Christian disciple, a dedicated priest and a friend to many. Our thoughts and prayers go out to David, to Jo, Martin and John and their families. May Janet rest in peace.

Janet Margaret Gorick, CSJP-A  (1930 - 2017)

"So yes, we are forever beginning, and the best we can do is be very grateful that each new beginning is one more chance to grow. "

Margaret Byrne, CSJP