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Kathleen Jacob, CSJP-A (1936 - 2016)

Kathleen Ryder was the child of Irish immigrant parents who settled in New York City. She was educated in Catholic elementary and secondary schools. Kathleen had one brother, David and a sister, Peggy. Soon after graduation from high school, she was married to Louis Jacob. After a few years, they were blessed with four children: Mary Ann, Louis, Kathleen and David.

Kathleen first became acquainted with the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace when she inquired about caring for a child at St. Joseph Home for Boys in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. She and her husband Louis invited the 11 year old boy to live with them for four years. At age 14, the boy's missing parent returned after 12 years and took him home. The Jacobs raised their own four children. Kathleen met the CSJPs again during many visits to Holy Name Hospital. After more than 30 years of marriage. Kathleen suffered the sad loss of her husband. Her strong faith, good memories and the support of her children and friends, all helped to sustain her during this time.

Kathleen was very committed to the changes in the Church. She attended Call To Action Conventions for several years. In later years, she attended a CSJP Associate Covenanting ceremony for her cousin, Anna Shankey. Kathleen wrote this about the Covenanting, "I experienced a real sense of belonging and of peace." Kathleen became a Pre-Associate in 2002, and covenanted in 2004. She renewed her covenant commitment up to her last days of life. She expressed her deep admiration of the sisters and their work in teaching, nursing, and being a voice for the poor. She was inspired and enriched by reading more about Mother Clare's work of Peace and Justice.

Kathleen started to experience some diminishment in her health during the last five years of her life. She died on October 29, 2016. Mass was offered for her at St. Matthew's Church in Ridgefield, New Jersey. Kathleen's ashes will be interred with those of her parents in Wells, New York.


Kathleen Jacob, CSJP-A (1936 - 2016)

"So yes, we are forever beginning, and the best we can do is be very grateful that each new beginning is one more chance to grow. "

Margaret Byrne, CSJP