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Brendan Campbell, CSJP-A (1947-2016)

Brendan was the youngest of the six children in his family. He was educated at St Malachy's School in the city and afterwards at Belfast College of Art. He also attended Miss Holland's School of Dance, an innovative school which specialized not in the traditional Irish dancing but in the interpretation of irish folk stories through dance and in bringing the two communities of Northern Ireland, Protestant and Catholic, together. In 1966 Brendan was accepted for the Diploma at Coventry College and graduated in 1968. Furthering his interest in computer art, he initially obtained work as a computer programmer and then took up a temporary position lecturing in pottery at a teacher training college in Belfast.

in 1970 Brendan married Carole whom he had met on the Coventry diploma course. He taught pottery at Claremont Bilateral School in Hyson Green, Nottingham and then taught at a few other schools in Nottingham and Leicester before being appointed Headmaster at St Augustine's School, Stamford in 1982 and, in 1987, head of St Stephen's School in Droylston, Tameside. Ill health forced his retirement in 1995 and the family moved to live in Sileby, Leicestershire. Brendan did part-time supply work in schools, especially Sacred Heart School in Leicester, where he was also school chaplain and sometimes brought children to the convent in Rearsby as part of their sacramental preparation. He was accepted for the diaconate course by the Diocese of Nottingham and was ordained deacon in 2001. Already, possibly as early as 1993, Brendan had undertaken the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius and now the diocese encouraged him to take the course run by the Jesuits at Loyola Hall to become a Spiritual Director. Following this, he was part of the Deacon Formation Team in the diocese until his death. Brendan was a superb homilist and spoke at Rearsby on more than one occasion.

Brendan made his first covenant with the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace on 11th February, 2012. His wife Carole is also an Associate. His death, from respiratory failure due to Pulmonary Fibrosis, is a significant loss to the diaconate programme, as well as to his family.

Brendan Campbell, CSJP-A (1947-2016)

"The important thing is that we remain open to God as he reveals himself to us in the circumstances of life and do everything possible to bring the body of his Son to completion."

Catherine O'Connor, CSJP