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Joyce Maccabee, CSJP-A (1935 - 2016)

Joyce was always proud to claim that she was bom and bred in Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was born on April 22nd, the elder daughter of Tom and Marie Granger. During the war her family moved out of their own home into that of her grandmother, to allow another family whose home had been bombed to use their house. She and her sister Mary were very close and their aunts and grandmother played a big part in her childhood and her Christian journey.

After grammar school she remained in Yorkshire studying social science at Leeds University where she met Geoff whom she married in 19S8. They spent most of their married life in Burton Joyce, Nottingham and had three children and now two grandchildren. Joyce was employed initially as a Child Care Officer, working with children in foster care. She also worked with vulnerable families. After training as a social worker she moved to Haywood House Hospice and was a very valued member of the palliative care team. In the late 1960's Joyce followed the two-year seminars on Human Relationships, Pastoral Care and Counselling organized by the Clinical Theology Association based on the work of Dr Frank Lake. These seminars gave Joyce much to draw on when she began to write her book on The Love of God.

Joyce contributed in so many ways to the life of the church in Burton Joyce. She was Warden of St Helen's Church, a reader, deanery representative, leader of the Mothers Union choir, leader of many Lent groups, as well as for many years an on-going church house group leader. The Reverend Alfred Graham, whom she had interviewed prior to his becoming Vicar of St Helen's wrote of her: "Joyce was the most gifted preacher among all who spoke at St Helen's. In her humility she denied this, but it was true." Joyce supported so many people and causes in so many ways and was most generous in both time and money.

In 1994 Sister Madeleine Campion suggested that we Anglicans could become Associates of the Sisters of St Joseph of Peace, so we studied with Sister Madeleine and were delighted to be accepted into the Congregation as Associates in June 1996, valuing enormously the relationship and endeavouring to follow the charism of Peace through Justice in our lives in every possible way. When the Sisters were planning to build a new wing on to the Motherhouse for the elderly Sisters, Joyce was invited with her social work and hospice experience to help with the planning.

Joyce remained an Associate until she became ill and had to move to a care home in Bramall and then to a nursing home in Marple to be closer to where her family could take better care of her. She died there in July 2016.

Joyce was a very faithful follower of Jesus' teaching, wonderfully open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a firm believer in and sharer of the limitless love of God.

Joyce Maccabee, CSJP-A (1935 - 2016)

"We are consciously choosing to shape the future rather than allowing the future to shape us."

Sheila Lemieux, CSJP