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Feeding the Homeless

by Frank McCann, CSJP-A

Several associates are involved in a parish outreach program through St. Anastasia's Church in Teaneck, New Jersey that provides meals for people experiencing homelessness. A crew of parishioners gathers two or three times a year in the parish kitchen on a Saturday to feed the homeless at the Housing Health and Human Services Building in Hackensack.

It is an all-day affair—food prep starts around 9:00 a.m. and dinner is served at 5:00 p.m. Nancy Woods, CSJP-A has done a lot for many years to serve the homeless and set up this feeding program. As a parishioner of St. A's she also does her share when it is the parish's turn to provide the meal at the center. The guests love her collard greens.

Eileen McCann, CSJP-A is the all-around organizer for the day, not only preparing food, and running errands all day, but also providing food for the volunteers' lunch, so a sense of community has been building as all work together. Frank McCann, CSJP-A is the cook.

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"You will hope if God blesses your work to sow the seeds of peace in modern society."

Bishop Bagshawe