congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Publications and Media

Communication has been part of the pulse of the Congregation from the beginning. Margaret Anna Cusack, the order's founder, was a prolific author, penning dozens of widely distributed books and pamphlets, as well as writing music. Sister Mary Kuiken writes in the inaugural issue of Living Peace that Cusack "was dedicated to the ministry of the written word and used her gift of writing to communicate the message of peace." The Congregation's very first publication, The Dove of Ireland was published in 1886.

That tradition of communicating pulses just as strongly today. We invite you to engage with us!

Living Peace – A biannual publication of the Congregation Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.

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Publications and Media

Sisters address, sort and tie magazines in the circulation department of St. Joseph’s Messenger circa 1957.

"So Christ is our model and in order to imitate Him we have to do strange things – things that seem almost inexplicable, but at the last days, when our work is taken off the loom of life, we shall see the beauty that comes into our soul by this work."

Mother Evangelista (Honoria Gaffney)