congregation of the sisters of st joseph of peace
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Our Roots

In 1884 in Nottingham, England,
under the inspiration of the Spirit,
Margaret Anna Cusack, known as Mother Clare,
founded a religious congregation of women
... to promote the peace of the Church
both by word and work.
"The very name Sisters of Peace will,
it is hoped,
inspire the desire of peace and a love
for it."
Constitutions, 1884 (Constitution 3)

The Sisters of St Joseph of Peace continue a rich heritage devoted to promoting social justice as a way to peace. From the beginning we have involved ourselves in ministries of social service, education and health care, working directly with the poor and sick, providing housing and care for women, orphans and blind children and adults, and, as need arose, established schools and hospitals. (Constitution 7)

"From the beginning we were founded and organized to meet the needs and call of the times." (Sheila Lemieux, 21st General Chapter)

"As disciples of Jesus, we respond anew to the call of Mother Clare to be 'brave, noble, large-minded and courageous souls." (2012 Chapter Call)

Explore the History of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace

Our Roots

The First Sisters of Peace professed vows on January 7, 1884 in St. Barnabas Cathedral, Nottingham.

"It is most important to inspire the young with a great love of peace."

Mother Francis Clare (Margaret Anna Cusack)